2017/18 Wedding Season

In 2016, I began my adventure as an Authorised Marriage Celebrant by doing a couple of weddings for some close friends. At the end of the 2016/17 wedding season, I had completed over 15 wedding ceremonies in total. This coming wedding season (2017/18) I have 10 weddings booked and I can’t wait to sink my teeth in.

Before I became a celebrant, I had no idea there was such a thing as a “Wedding Season”. It totally makes sense though.  To me the beginning of the “Wedding Season” provides three beauties; beautiful weather, beautiful couples and beautiful happiness.

Every couple wants to have their day go off without a hitch. Couples want to control every aspect of the day so that nothing can ruin it. The one uncontrollable to do with their day is the weather.  So the best idea would be to hold their day during the best months of the year. September through to end of April. It is their best chance to get warm sunny weather, and I love it.

Best part of being a Celebrant is the couples you meet. I enjoy hearing their stories and seeing them excited for their wedding day. Even more so is seeing them share their wedding day and seeing their love for one another. That moment where I can announce them and they kiss, you can truly see how in love they are.

To be a part of a couple’s happiest moment is an amazing opportunity and one that makes me truly honoured. I have done wedding ceremonies for couples I have never met and some for my closest friends, in each of them you can see how happy they make each other.

I am one month out from my first wedding of the season, with another nine to follow them. I can’t wait to be involved and see some of the happiest moments in these couples lives.

2017-18 Wedding Season is going to a big one!

I Enjoy Meeting New People

Get in touch to discuss your wedding ceremony. Get in touch to discuss your wedding ceremony. Get in touch to discuss your wedding ceremony.